Protecting Your Future Becomes, important after a critical Illness.

What is a Critical Illness Insurance Cover?

Most suited health plan, said to be the perfect partner during critical times, this plan will take away your financial worries and let you focus on health. Our critical illness insurance ensures there’s no dent on your savings.

It is a smart move made well in advance to prevent life threatening diseases such as cancer, stroke, etc from draining your savings. Lower premiums and bigger coverage help you focus on your health without any financial stress.

Health problems, in most cases, strike unexpectedly, resulting in a sudden financial burden for the family. In such cases, family is not only worried about meeting the cost of treatment, but also struggles with the loss of income they go through due to you being unwell. This most of the times, leads the family, to dip into their savings kitty built for child’s education or one’s own retirement. Your loved ones let go of their dreams to overcome financial exigencies health problems create.

Features of Critical Illness Insurance Plans​

  1. Critical Illness Coverage: Coverage is provided for up to 36 major critical illnesses such as a tumour, cancer, kidney failure, heart ailments etc.
  2. Lump-sum Payment: The insurer provides the lump sum payment for the treatment of covered illnesses.
  3. Easy Claim Processing: The claim can be easily processed based on the diagnosis report(s).
  4. Waiting Period: Usually, the coverage is provided after the end of the waiting period.
  5. Loss of Income: A part of the lump sum can be used as an income replacement.

Benefits Of Our Critical Illness Cover

  1. Protection For You: High life cover at affordable rates so that your loved ones are financially secure.
  2. Critical Illness Benefit: Guaranteed benefit payout up to 1 Crore in case of 34 life critical illnesses*.
  3. Tax Benefit: Save tax up to  54,075^ u/s 80C & 80D. Get Life Cover & Health Cover in one plan.
  4. Accidental Death Benefit: In case of death due to accident, the nominee will be paid double the Sum Assured amount+.
  5. Protection Against Disability: In case of permanent disability due to accident, your policy continues without you having to pay any premiums.
  6. 100% Benefit Payout: If diagnosed with a Terminal Illness, we pay you the complete Sum Assured.